Well, it’s Birthday time for me once again..Honestly, I wasn’t a bit excited about this Birthday at all.. which is totally unlike me.. the sound of Feb 12 has always made temple bells ring deep DEEP into my ears.. such a blissful thought over the years.. but this time it didn’t feel special..All these years, there was an anticipation, something new to do on my birthday, to get some wishes fulfilled, and to have Teju over from Cali and spend sometime together.. But after the wedding, I thought it would be an ordinary Birth DAY for me… Full of daily chores, laundry, oota preparation, may be aloo dum sabji, PHULKA, and Rangoli’s special chamcham.. But when you have a hoosBAND like TEJU, your life cannot be ordinary but totally EXTRA-ORDINARY and definitely full of sweet coated lies, surprises, and lots of innocence.
Here is some glimpse of how a usual Badminton playing Saturday evening turned out a late night surprise party with the Tribals who sneaked into our apartment for the most awesome Cali Birthday in my Timeline..
Btw before I say adieu to my first JIRA, thumba Thanksu Tejuji for the first official Birthday Celebration. Not to mention, special acks to the Tribal gang including Saundesh, Yenaa, DeVu, Vinu, Muthu, Smitha and Mrs Smitha, Yaamanth, Supreeth, Vishal Reshma, Waseem, and Shweta.
Aah.. not many people would say this..but after last night events, I think I could say that married life is a bliss at times.. 😀