Haaye Allah*.. Did I seriously write such a love shove {remembering Kajol in K3G} dripping post as my first case.. Gosh.. I must be running high on hormones and emotional dose last week.. After all, first surprise, first cake, first Birthday, everything FIRST seems to be special after the Wedding..(I can go on about this list of firsts. I am sure a lot of you, recently wedded people, would identify with me but before I unleash, let me get a grip on myself and put a fullstop..may be some other time) Yeah, so I was saying that it happened ki the practical Ms Agarwal personality was easily overpowered by gratitude stricken Mrs Rao and hence the outburst of thank you(s) and awwss.. So, here I promise myself to henceforth refrain from such PDE or BFE..

Okay so coming to the intent…I have been in love with cooking for sometime.. and this is true, especially after my move to Cali as I did find an obvious scapegoat for my kitchen experiments 😉 But the truth is bitter (Most of the time, Yes)..I was not always in love with ladles in my kitchen. Let alone love ladles, there was a time when I never wanted to cook. I had honestly never cut a single vegetable when I was living with my folks..kitchen was virtually non-existent for me.. the reason? a studious IIT-JEE candidate doesn’t have time to step into kitchen when she is hoarding dreams of a prosperous Engineering Career. But little did I realize that to fulfill my dreams, I have to eat and one does feel hungry specially when you are a shudh vegeterian trying to survive in a country like US where there is no roadside Chat or aloo tikki McD junk.. Eventually, home made food longing convinced me to try my hand. And the first thing I ever made was PHULKA on a cold Chicago night at 810 {remembering rubber based phulka and poor Teju and Thomas were my first victims..aah what memories..sadist :D}

All this background and past experiences, somehow makes a perfect set of ingredients for Phulka.com..And also helps me combine my two favorite time pass(es) into one. And how can I forget the added advantage of being a South Indian Sose {hello Leela aunty} aka Bahuraani. It is an all new dimension which I am exploring these days..{best of two food cultures..Ganga meets Kaveri ;)} And what I have discovered in this short while is that Cooking is a Phenomenal Art. A dash of lime or fresh tamarind can make a world’s difference. So, other than the guaranteed satisfaction of having permanent-ed a road in my husband’s heart, cooking helps cherish my childhood food memories and keeps me close to my folks/home/India. All in all a total therapeutic treat!

In coming days, I would add a big chunk of recipes here – a mix of Rasoi and Adige mane specialities. These I owe to my mom and atte..{Thanks both of you} And I pray to never be deprived of the joy of cooking and feeding my loved ones. And before I forget, all the credit goes to Tejuji to persuade me to pen my thoughts down.. 🙂

Quote of the dayLive Life FOOD FULL             

*A new entry to the list of ‘Hey Ram’, ISU, YSU, etc al