There is this enormous emotions exuding out of me today..and as I sat correlating all of them, this is what I wrote..We always find ourselves running after the best of things out there to create missing magic in our lives- be it phones, cars, branded apparel, cosmetics, bigger homes and so goes on the list..But what we lack to understand or rediscover is How to Make Magic with what we already have..if we have this foundation, it will help us to value things..I cannot aptly describe how a few simple words of encouragement from my MIL, a quiet morning walk, preparing test cases, cooking a meal, Annie Leonard on iPhone and Consumer Guilt, Lightroom brainstorming, packing for India trip, helped me get back to basics today. To-day was a perfect recipe with all the ingredients I need in a day to be remembered – sharing, thoughtfulness, anxiety, excitement, ARTY, intellectual enlightenment and contentment.

Just want to share with everyone that we might miss out on (supposedly) BIG things in our lives but it is always those little things that count. This is expressed so well here in this anonymous poem which I came across in 1998 in Dhanbad RYLA


Most of us miss on Life’s big PRIZES
The Oscar
The Nobel
The Grammy
The Bharat Ratna
The Padmashree
The Ashoka
But we all are eligible for Life’s small pleasures..
A PAT on the back
A Chocolate
An Ice cream
A Hot Soup
A Cold Drink
A good Meal
A Full Moon
A crackling Fire
Let’s not fret about copping Life’s Grand awards
But enjoy it’s tiny delights
There are plenty for all of us