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It has been such a long time since I posted the last recipe. Gosh! 20 days and counting. Before it touches a 3 week mark, I better post this one. To tell you the truth, BisiBeLeBath recipe has been in my drafts for over a fortnight. Office work, house chores, sketching, Project life and more recently a hectic but fun trip to Philly on East-Coast for a family wedding has kept me craving for some solitude to write. Finally, on a slow Sunday morning, with my better half T asleep, I found some time to bring BisiBeLeBath to you.

BisiBeLeBath is a known Karnataka dish where Bisi implies hot, BeLe is lentils and Bath is rice dish. The letter ‘L’ is capital in BeLe for a reason. Unlike Devanagari, in Kannada, there are 2 types of l pronunciation, one is la as in hindi and other is La (la with a d sound~ La). After multiple corrections by T, I finally get it right now. And now, when I reflect upon the struggle and time it took, I realize that it make so much sense to learn the words correctly as their lies the origin. Well, other than anna saaru, BisiBeLeBath is one of proper Bengaluru dish I have come to learn to prepare without constantly looking it up. I say, it is a medium difficulty level recipe because it takes a bit of your time. As a new comer to a South Kitchen, I believe any amount of time spent in preparing this one is less compared to it’s rewarding taste. So, enjoy this bisi bisi delicious, good looking and healthy food.

Chopped carrots, squash, beansChopped carrots, squash, beans

Spices needed for preparationSpices needed for preparation

Boiling vegetable lentils, and riceBoiling vegetable lentils, and rice

  • Preparation Time: Lentils and rice soak time
  • Cooking Time: 20-30 min
  • Recipe Level:  Medium
  • Serves 4
  • Source: T, N
  • Cuisine: South Indian
  • ½ cup of yellow lentil or toor daal
  • 1 cup of rice
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 onion
  • 200 gm of beans
  • 1 medium squash
  • 1 medium carrot
  • 1 cup of peas
  • 1 tbsp of tamarind concentrate
  • Pinch of Asafoetida or hing
  • 1 tsp of mustard seeds
  • 2- 3 dried red chillies
  • 2 -3 curry leaves
  • 2 tbsp of BisiBeLeBath powder
  • 1 cup of ghee
  • Soak daal and rice in separate containers for atleast 45 min
  • Chop all vegetables – onion, tomato, carrots, beans, squash and keep aside
  • After soaking is complete, pressure cook daal to soften. Add a pinch of salt and oil so that daal does not stick or get mushy
  • Meanwhile, for seasoning, in a separate kadhai or pan, add oil, hing, mustard seeds, curry leaves, chopped onion and saute
  • After onions turn translucent, add tomato, red chilly powder, heapful of BisiBeLeBath pudi (home-made or from MTR). Saute. Let tomato leave water from the side and turn into thick paste
  • Now unlid the pressure cooked daal, add the chopped vegetables and turn burner on high heat
  • As the vegetables tend to soften, add the onion-tomato-pudi paste to the daal and stir
  • Now crush the soaked rice and add to the boiling mix. Add peas
  • Add tamarind for sourness, salt to taste and spoonful of ghee
  • Boil until rice cooks completely and bath is evenly textured

Enjoy the ravishing taste of BisiBeLeBath

Serve BisiBeLeBathServed BisiBeLeBath

Mad Notes:
  • Pressure cook for like 3 cooker whistles; don’t pressure cook too much as daal will become soggy
  • Serve with chips or rice-papad or yogurt raita (prepared with liquid-ish yogurt, chopped green chillies, onion and tomato pieces. And garnished with cilantro)