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Christmas tree loaded with ornaments, gifts and blessings

It has been a while! In fact, a long a long time! Time to break the hiatus and share some fun recipes. And there is “No better time than the Holidays” to have a come back. And Cookies – especially home made/baked cookies did the trick for me. Sharing with you all my favorite Chocolate cookie recipe. I have hoped it tastes like the ones you get at Subway- a pure blissful and sinful chocolate cookie. My version of cookie is inspired from the online recipe here.  Also, sharing some lines about fun time with my little Cookie thief.

She laid on the carpet
with her head down,
I nudged her, elbowed her
But failed a reaction from her.
Then followed a tickle, a giggle,
And a half opened eye
With a mouth full of chocolate,
She attempted a smile!

Having caught in the action,
She ran behind the tree
For Christmas is here,
I can’t hide my glee.
Unstoppable she is –
the cookie thief – I call her
As she ran to the counter,
Then to the couch, the table and the bar.

Dukku-dukku, dukku-dukku she sang aloud
With all the gibberish she felt incredibly proud.
The march to the kitchen was in a jiffy,
For her anklet bells sounded iffy
Spellbound she stood at the oven –
The sunlight and heat rays were woven
Taking a break, I drew a deep breath
Without forgetting my sheath underneath.

I rounded up my hair and pulled out the tray
As the sweet warm aroma filled the air,
The tiny eyes glistened with joy
The Curvy mouth almost said Ahoy!
Peekaboo – She tricked me
And darted again
Roaring with joy and laughter
She knew, hiding was not an option anymore.

Finally, I caught her at the tree
Phew! I cried! Holding her to me,
Before I could say another word
I see a half melted cookie unfold
Little fingers made the sweet offer
For she couldn’t laugh or run any more
Besides, I was too happy
With the gesture to to be snappy.

With kisses and hugs (and smile),
we called it a truce
But it takes only a tenth-of-a-second
For her to brew something anew.
Let it be, I reprimanded
For it takes a child to be a child, I reminded
Well then, High-5 and Hurray we screamed
As Chu-chu rhymes on Google Home beamed.

Thankful for the Little Tree,
and the bundle of joy we have,
This is all and all,
I pray to thee –
“May, all the kids around the World
Get a Cookie and Milk to Share
The World will be a better place
If we all truly care!”

Hope you all had an exclusive time with your family, during this Holiday season. Hope you get a chance to make this version of Cookie and enjoy with kids around.

Wish you all a marvelous and healthy 2017. Until next post. See ya!

Cookie Batter ready to turn into yummy Cookies

Chocolate morsels all ready to be folded into the batter

Spooned dollops of cookie batter onto the pan

My cookie thief waiting for the cookies

Embarking on traditions – Cookie ready to be served with Milk

  • Preparation Time: 15 min
  • Baking Time: 10 min
  • Recipe Level:  Easy
  • Serves many
  • Source: original-nestle-toll-house-chocolate-chip-cookies
  • Cuisine: Cakes and Confectionery
  • 2 cup all purpose flour
  • 3/4 granulated white sugar
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup of (<2 sticks) butter
  • 1 tsp table salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 2 eggs (I used Egg whites liquid)
  • 1 cup of chocolate morsels
  • Pre-heat oven to 300 degrees F
  • In a large bowl, add white and brown sugar, melted butter and vanilla extract and beat it into a creamy texture
  • Once creamy, add eggs to the bowl.  (I used liquid egg white – 1/3 cup)
  • Now add salt and soda.
  • Beat it again so that all ingredients are incorporated well.
  • Now add the flour, 1 cup at a time and beat the mix well
  • Once all flour is incorporated, beat the mix thoroughly. You will see a good thick batter consistency.
  • Add chocolate morsels to the batter and mix lightly.
  • Now use a cookie sheet (ungreased) and spoon a large dollop of batter onto the pan. Leave 4 fingers gap between the dollops as you wouldn’t want the cookies to stick to one another.
  • Once on the pan, add a couple of chocolate morsels onto the cookies, if desired.
  • Once the oven is preheated, use the mittens and place the cookie pan into the oven. Set the kitchen timer to 10 min and let the magic begin.
  • From the oven window, you will see the cookie rises and expands.
  • Periodically, check if the cookie base are turning brown from the window.
  • Once the timer is up and sweet chocolaty aroma fills your kitchen, dish the pan out using mittens. Allow the cookies to cool to room temperature.
  • After cooling, dish out the cookies and serve with milk or any other favorite beverage. Or just have them the way you like. Enjoy!

Cookies and Holidays are now synonyms

Mad Notes:
  • You can skip baking soda if you are using self rising flour
  • Preheat the oven as it helps to quicken the baking process.
  • Batter consistency needs to be thick and not semi flowing
  • Sometimes, due to high temperature, the cookies tend to spread and lose their form. This depends upon the oven. Experiment with heat and reduce temperature by 25F and increase timer duration by half (i.e use 15 min instead of 10 min and 275F instead of suggested temperature of 300F).
  • Leave enough gap between the batter dollops to prevent cookie overlap.
  • Do not leave the cookie in the oven once timer is up – they tend to become brittle and hard and change color if left in the oven.